Photos from Breathin’ work-in-progress screening

On June 25th, we held a work-in-progress screening of Breathin’: the Eddy Zheng Story at The New Parkway Theater in Oakland. Thank you to everyone who helped us pack the house! It was the first time that we showed this 25-minute work-in-progress to the public (and to Eddy), so it was a very exciting night for all of us. It is always a bit awkward to show something at a relatively early stage–we are still finishing up filming, still editing, still working towards a full rough cut…but we wanted a chance to show our supporters and community the progress that we have made and to get feedback about the direction of the film. As expected, the Q&A discussion at the end was lively and constructive. Now, onward to the full rough cut! Here are a few photos of the night, captured by Director of Photography, R.J. Lozada! A few more photos on our Facebook page, too.

Producer Christine Kwon puts up the sign at the front entrance

The New Parkway Theater in Oakland, CA

Packed house!

Eddy and Lisa anxiously awaiting their first sneak peek of the work-in-progress cut!


Lively Q&A discussion after the screening, with Executive Producer Deann Borshay Liem, Eddy Zheng, and Director Ben Wang

Eddy speaking to the crowd

Ruth Nakashima, Ben’s Grandmother, gives away the prized Tomatoes!