Breathin’ Updates December 2013

(Photo taken from The New Parkway work-in-progress screening)

(Photo taken from The New Parkway work-in-progress screening)

Happy holidays to you and your loved ones! We wanted to share a brief update on the progress of Breathin’: the Eddy Zheng Story with all of you. 2013 has been a busy year — we held a work-in-progress screening of the documentary, filmed the birth of Eddy’s first child Abella, and continued to EDIT, EDIT, EDIT.

All the hard work has led to major progress with the film and we now have a 1 hour, 45 minute rough cut. Over the past two years, we’ve made great strides in developing the story and are committed to sharing a side of Eddy’s life that has not yet been told. The visual elements have also developed further, as we’ve tapped into archival news footage and even received original artwork from Hyung-Rae Tarselli, a prisoner who illustrates images of solitary confinement from his cell in SCI Greene prison. In June, we screened a 26-minute work-in-progress draft of the documentary. This free public screening was held at The New Parkway Theater in Oakland to a packed crowd of 145 people, who gave us invaluable feedback and enthusiasm.

We look forward to refining our film into a final cut through 2014. Thank you for supporting this project from the very beginning. The new year promises to be a fruitful one!

Ben Wang, Director
Christine Kwon, Producer