Bambu x Chops x Breathin’

New song by Bambu x Chops for BREATHIN’: THE EDDY ZHENG STORY!

(Featured in credits sequence of the documentary)

All footage in this video are deleted scenes from the documentary. A couple notes on footage to share:

(0:19): Eddy kept almost every letter he received while incarcerated. During one film shoot, he showed us these treasured items–pulling out boxes upon boxes from his closet. The letters (and the community support they represent) made a huge impact on Eddy’s survival, social/political development, and ultimate freedom.

(0:36): Eddy visits the resting place for his Grandparents. Eddy lived with his grandparents when he first came to the U.S., but was not able to have a relationship with them after he went to prison. In this scene, Eddy is able to pay his respects to them (making an exquisite flower bouquet), and reflect on his family’s secret of his incarceration.